(AAPL) Apple 1 computer 'Lisa' auctioned off for $671,000, one of six original computers that work

COLOGNE, Germany - Only six of the remaining original 1976 "Apple 1" computers still work, and one has a new owner.

At an auction in Germany Saturday, an anonymous telephone bidder purchased the computer for a record-breaking price of $671,000.  The computer had been estimated to be worth between $259,000-$388,000. 

Apple Computer Company, now called Apple Inc., was established in 1976.  The first order was for 50 computers, assembled in a garage by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack.

"Well, the Apple 1, there were only 200 built and they came out of the garage of Steve Jobs. And then Apple had a trading program, because they wanted to bring them back, so they destroyed a lot of trade ins. So, it was about 46 of them today. So, it's really the holy grail of collectable technology," explained Bob Luther, author of The First Apple.

At the same auction, the world's first home computer kit, the Scelbi 8H, was sold.  It is one of three known versions available today, built by Nat Wadsworth in 1973.

The "Apple Lisa 1" computer sold for $44,000.  It was designed in the early 80s and was produced for one year. 

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