Research on love bugs

BELLE GLADE, Fla. - Entomologist Dr. Ron Cherry and Alvin Wilson are on a love bug hunt.

The University Of Florida researchers are studying the annoying critters in a field in Belle Glade to find a way for people to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with the bugs.

Dr. Cherry says, "The research is to design a good trap, a good efficient trap that might be of good use to homeowners or commercial operations."

Each trap has a unique shape, but Dr. Cherry says they have one thing in common. They are the same color. He says the love bugs are attracted to lighter colors, yellow and white.

"And then we followed that up with some research on the chemicals, the ability to smell and be attracted to certain smells. And we have floral scents something that smells like a flower and they are attracted to some of these," Dr. Cherry says.

Now they're trying to perfect which trap the love bugs like the most.

"I have a scientist up in Apopka, Florida who is doing some work with me and we are working on this together. He is running traps up there also and then we will combine the data on that, " he says.

Another step closer to help keep the pesky critters under control.

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