Pahokee Pagan Summer Solstice Festival: Pastors in Pahokee worried, organizers say they are peaceful

PAHOKEE, Fla. - Some church leaders in Pahokee are upset about a Pagan Summer Solstice Festival planned for later in June.

The long weekend event is expected to bring thousands of Pagans to Pahokee.

"I think this is really not the best idea," Dr. Bill Taylor, the pastor at Canal Point Baptist Church, said.

"The night dances and the fire and the stones and teaching people certain thingsā€¦it's not something I agree with," Pastor Taylor said.

Some pastors planned to protest the event, but those ideas seem to have faded after a meeting attended by Pagan Reverend Dybing.

"I am a fire chief. We have fire chiefs, nurses, doctors, and people who deliver your mail. We're just like any other community," Dybing said.

Dybing said the group is peaceful and nature loving. He says they will keep to themselves and will not disturb anyone in the town.

"Often times the only thing people know is what they see in Hollywood. Just like you wouldn't believe what happened in the Hollywood Aliens movies, I would urge people not to believe what they hear about Pagans," Rev. Dybing said.

Dybing has been on damage control ever since news of the Summer Solstice Festival in Pahokee broke.

"We're peaceful people. We're just like any other religion. We don't want to be molested... we just want to hold our events without any problem," Rev. Dybing said.

Pastor Taylor says he disagrees with people who want to protest the group. He says when the festival is in Pahokee, he will just ignore it.

"Obviously it is not fostering good relations in our community," Taylor said.

The festival is set to be at the Okeechobee Resort in Pahokee starting June 19th.

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