Code red at a middle school this morning

School goes into lockdown mode

"I'm a parent, my son is there." Zaunyetta McGee and other parents asking the school district for answers after Lake Shore Middle School was locked down for about 4 hours today. The mother said, "Someone called me and said that my son, a police officer pulled my son out and said that he had a gun on him".

School District spokesperson Nat Harrington says an adult reported seeing something suspicious this morning before school started. 

"A person in the community reported to a crossing guard that they saw what they thought was a student with what they thought was a weapon. We take everything seriously, safety is our top priority, " said Harrington.

 The concerned mother, "I guess he had on an outfit that fit the description of a child that was carrying a gun."

The code red was lifted around one o'clock this afternoon, and parents are relieved that nothing was found, but still want more done when it comes to possible weapons that could end up on campus.
 Zaunyetta McGee said, "They need metal detectors if you've got a metal detector it's going to beep. You can't bring a gun, anything with metal in it cannot be allowed in school. It's going to go off for the district, it's a request that's already being considered. An idea Zaunyetta hopes turns into a reality.   

No weapons were found during the search at school and no one was arrested.


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