Carol Stoltz : Hospice nurse gives health and heart care

BELLE GLADE, Fla. - "I'm going to check your blood pressure and see how it's doing." Registered nurse Carol Stoltz became a member of the Moreland family almost two years ago. "There you go, keep your arms straight out."

Carol has been helping Earnest Moreland cope with complications from his diabetes, visiting him twice a week.

Carol said, "It's very nice. A lot of times it's like a social visit just to share on how they are doing and the caregiver usually tells me how the rest of the family is doing."

Carol is part of a team from Hospice of Palm Beach County who come into homes like these and help families like the Morelands with comfort care.

That team is now helping Carol transition to a new stage in her life. She will be retiring after 25 years of helping patients deal with deteriorating health. 

"You have to emotionally prepare yourself because I have been preparing for the past couple of years now, " said Carol.

Even though Carol will no longer be visiting her patients, Alma Moreland says they have a bond with Carol. "She would go in there and talk to my husband and you know, she just wasn't a stranger, and like I said I am grateful."

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