Belle Glade family business goes up in flames

BELLE GLADE, Fla. - Just hours after a fire burns down Performance Auto Shop and Service in Belle Glade, the owners are already trying to rebuild their business.

The business, which is located off Northwest Avenue L in Belle Glade, burned to the ground Tuesday night.

Rosemary and Steve Groves own the shop.

Now they're saddened and in disbelief. 

"Oh. Oh geez," Rosemary sighed. 

"You probably thought you were going to retire with this place," NewsChannel 5's Ryan Calhoun said to Rosemary.
"Oh yeah," she replied.
Now her and her husband are wondering what's next.
"It's really tough," she said. "It's really tough trying to deal with it and losing everything."
The couple woke up to their business on fire.
They live in the mobile home right next to the business.
"I'm thankful that we're alive ourselves and we still have a home," Rosemary said. 
Investigators say a faulty light fixture sparked the blaze.
On top of the loss, the Groves don't have insurance on the building.
"Why don't you have insurance on this place?," Calhoun asked.
"Because insurance is very expensive the building was built in 1939," she said.
Then it was an icehouse for produce packaging companies to help keep their crops cold. 
The family took over the business in 2009, Steve said.
Without insurance, they wonder what they'll do for their customers.
Four cars were destroyed inside the fire and numerous others on the outside were damaged. 
"We're hoping that we can replace them," she said. "We're going to try to find them another vehicle."
That will be hard to do, considering their life savings was put inside the business. 
"We're a strong family and I'm sure we can figure out how to do it," she added.


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