Strong winds, waves batter Treasure Coast, Palm Beach County

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. - Mother Nature continues to batter the coastline with high winds and waves.

At Waveland Beach the National Weather Service issued an advisory that the dunes had been breached.

A few hours removed from high tide, things are settling back a bit but the water lines did come up to the dunes.

At one point the waves were crashing up over the hard cutout made in the sand from a day-plus of pounding waves.

Double red flags are flying and no one is allowed into the water. However, some visitors came out just to look at the turbulent sea.

At Bathtub Beach the waves are coming up under the pavilion at the beach but they have not breached the man-made dunes protecting the parking lot and MacArthur Boulevard behind it.

At the Fort Pierce Inlet, city leaders were dedicating the redesigned Jetty Park Tuesday morning. There are a lot of new features like wood swings designed to get people to come out and enjoy the waterfront.

It is rough at the inlet, and a few surfers tried to maneuver out into the water but they were unsuccessful.

As for the beach, it is doing fine.  It was just last year when one stretch of sand had been re-nourished.

There are some places where sand has eroded, and that's pretty much the case up and down the coastline. So far there is no major damage to report.

In Palm Beach County the Boynton Beach jetty remains closed until the wind and surf calm down.

NewsChannel 5's Marissa Bagg contributed to this report

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