Saint Lucie County neighborhood plagued by burglaries

At least 60 in Spanish Lakes community

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. - Dottie Bohringer points to the corner window in her Spanish Lakes home that a thief cut to get into her sunroom.

"Pushed this up off the track," she says, demonstrating what the crook did next.

They lifted the patio door off its track to get in. Once inside, burglars stole priceless family treasures from 55 years of marriage.

"My regular wedding ring was heavy gold not the cheap stuff you see now," said Bohringer.

Her home, one of at least 60 hit in the Spanish Lakes neighborhood east of US 1 in recent months.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office doesn't have an exact number, and Newschannel 5 discovered that on Monday, that number goes up by at least one.

As she lifts her neighbors awning, a woman who didn't want to be identified discovered a shattered window and her snowbird neighbor now lighter one flat screen television.

Residents say Sheriff Ken Mascara held a community meeting last week and assured them that arrests had been made and others were pending.  The Sheriff's Office told Newschannel 5 that investigators are still processing evidence and trying to tie the cases all together.

Laurie McDonald says thieves could easily figure out who lives here year round by seeing if there are notices on the door.

"They see the sign and they know. Also, our shutters are down," said McDonald.

One concern shared by many residents is that there are no street lights here. They say at night, criminals have an easier time moving between homes undetected.

Bohringer says she's getting some motion detector lights for her property but doesn't want to leave.

"I like the area, I like the community.  I like it in here," says Bohringer.

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