Sgt. Gary Morales brother Brian Morales writes open letter of thanks, loss and forgiveness

The brother of slain St. Lucie County Sgt. Gary Morales wrote an open letter of thanks, loss and forgiveness. Read it below:

February 28th, 2013, will be a day my family will remember until we take our last breath in this world. My little brother Sgt. Gary Morales was and always will be my hero. The lives he touched and the sacrifices he made will never be forgotten. The outpour of support from the communities, local business, residences, family, friends, Saint Lucie County Sheriff's Office, PSL police, state agencies and all men and women in uniform touched us beyond what any words can express! To see all the people lined up in the highways and residential streets with their signs and hand gestures on their heart and the salutes was an awesome sight to see to say the least.

Thank you for your continued prayers, blessings and donations. You don't know how much that has helped us. My brother was not a hero because of how he died, but how he lived. Gary sacrificed his time away from his family to do what he loved best to protect and serve all of you! He brought pride in the Morales name and was always there for us all without hesitation in his personal and professional life.

My sons and I love to watch superhero movies and after this senseless tragic death of my brother, a few revelations came to my light as I meet many men and women in uniform who also have sworn to protect and serve. These men and woman under their uniforms are not robots, they are loving family members who come home every day to a family of their own. They are the superheroes; the badge and uniform are their costumes. I have nothing but utmost respect for you all and no words in the dictionary can truly describe you all for what you do. Thank you for your service to us all.

As a born-again Christian, I fight daily to be a good person in my heart, my mind, my deeds and I thank God every day for His seen and unseen blessings, miracles and grace! Our simple minds can't comprehend why God allowed this tragedy to happen, but I know God is always working things out for our good and ultimately for His purpose. My faith is stronger today than it was a few days ago.

To the person who killed my brother: No excuse, reason or lies can even come close to the permanent damage, pain and sorrow you have caused my family, friends and others. I would be a liar if I did not say I wanted you to suffer for the rest of your life, but in the name of Jesus Christ who has a permanent dwelling in my heart, I forgive you for your thoughtless and cowardly act. May God have mercy on your soul.

My little Brother, words can't express how much I miss you. If only I could've spent more time with you that Monday we went out to dinner. This sucks so much and I have never felt so much pain Gary, but I know you would tell me "to suck it up"! I miss you so much and I would give everything to see you for just a minute. I miss your smile bro and those quick hugs we would give each other. You were always the strong one and what a legacy you will leave behind. I will make you proud Gary, and your daughters are my daughters. You set the bar pretty high bro and you're a jerk for not showing me all the medals, awards and commendations you got. I love you with all my heart Gary and I will see you in heaven when God allows. Take care my little brother. Bye.

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