Renegade Light Sport Aircraft: St. Lucie County aircraft manufacturer relocation means 75 new jobs

Moved from Missouri to St. Lucie County

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. - It's still a month or so before the folks at Renegade Light Sport Aircraft can wheel out the airplanes they'll build on the Treasure Coast. But the newest tenant at St. Lucie County International Airport has some good models to work with.

"We make 5 different models.  We're going to import a few different models then eventually those models will be made here. So our whole motif is to build in the USA, put the US guys to work, said Christopher "Doc" Bailey, the CEO of Renegade.

Renegade just moved here from the St. Louis area, promising to hire 75 employees over the next five years.
Bailey says one attraction to our area was the large pool of skilled aviation workers.

"What do they want to do?  They want to get back to the love of aviation that they've done.  So the workforce is here," said Bailey.

The company received about 200-thousand dollars in tax abatements and job grant money from the county.  
Incentives that could help Renegade build a unique amphibious plane.

"There's nowhere to land it in Missouri.  Most of the lakes and rivers and streams up there are Corps of Engineer owned and they don't allow amphibious landings," said Bailey.

A group Renegade would like to partner with is the Wounded Warriors Project.  One of their aircraft models can be configured so that you can fly it entirely with just your hands.

They may be just small two-passenger planes, but Bailey has big dreams and says if his company succeeds, so will other local mom and pop manufacturers that they'll come to rely on, sending everyone's profits soaring.

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