Wild boars terrorize Port St. Lucie Tradition neighborhood, feral pigs running wild in backyards

Residents are afraid to walk outside at night

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- - Residents in a Port Saint Lucie neighborhood are battling with packs of feral pigs that are terrorizing them in their own backyards.

Wild boars estimated at more than 200 pounds are running wild in the gated community of Townpark at Tradition.
"The one was like a darkish colored gray. Just dirty, smelly. They're not possum. They're huge 200 pound wild boar," said JoAnne Hennessy, a resident at Tradition.

Hennessy said her yard is torn up and blames it on a pack feral animals that move in at night. She said she will not walk her dog at night anymore fearing she will get attacked.

"It's like a super highway back there for pigs. They come all the way down the fence line until they find an opening," said George Rudolph, who is a Tradition resident.

Rudolph said he has told the Homeowners Association of his community about the problem, but continues to hear and see the animals in his backyard,

When reached for comment at a board meeting on Thursday, members did not want to speak about it.

"See that hoof print right there? Good looking hog," said Jeffrey Mayer of All County Hog Removal.

Mayer said the animals are more than just aggressive, they also carry disease.

He said he is seeing more and more wild boars and estimates there are now thousands residing in St. Lucie County.

"They wouldn't want me to have my front yard torn up, so why just because it's in the back and nobody can see it, it's not a big deal?" questioned Hennessy.

Mayer said if nothing is done to get rid of the wild animals, they will continue to multiply and terrorize the neighborhood.

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