Truck and gifts stolen from Palm Springs family

PALM SPRINGS, Fla. - The tree is bare, ready for Santa - and for Cindy Billock and Tony Perez - to load up.
"Christmas time comes and our checks go," said Billock.
Tony Perez and Cindy Billock's pickup truck, seen here with then-baby Christopher, was parked next to their apartment building Sunday night.
They say in it, was $800 of gifts for their parents and children.

Clothes, toys, stocking stuffers.
"It was left in the truck because he had to rush to work that night," said Billock.

Perez, a maintenance worker by day and pizza deliveryman by night, came out the next morning to drive his fiance to her job in his truck.

"It just wasn't here," said Perez.

They told Palm Springs Police that a Grinch stole Christmas and their car.

"Look how close we are to the home, someone came this close to my house and just took whatever they wanted," said Perez.

But who? Well, Tony, for all the money he and Cindy are out...

"Every penny that I had in my account was spent on those Christmas presents."

... Tony is maybe the most understanding victim you'll ever meet.

"It could have somebody at the end of their rope. It could have been somebody, maybe something happened to and then they had nothing to get their children. Who knows?" asked Perez.

Co-workers at one of his jobs have stepped forward with a few bucks so the tree won't be totally bare.
But there is some permanent damage.

"My kids play freely here. That's why we came here. I don't feel safe. I feel like we have to go," said Perez.

We reached out to Palm Springs police to ask if they have any leads on the car or the stolen toys, but we haven't heard back.

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