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Treasure Coast residents react to ongoing stimulus talks

Posted at 4:10 PM, Dec 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-23 17:12:20-05

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — President Donald Trump is calling on lawmakers to revisit the stimulus bill that originally included $600 checks for Americans with an income under $75,000.

The president said he wants to raise the amount to $2,000 and that he would not support the $900 billion stimulus bill citing funds used for foreign aid and for other government funded programs as reasons.

"We have thousands, millions, millions of people out of work and whatever money they were able to be given by the government, they should be given it," said Victoria Gaunt, a Port St. Lucie resident.

"I don't see where $600 is going to help most people, it might be a bill or two," said Brian Shucher, a Port St. Lucie resident.

The bill passed with a veto-majority in both the House and Senate.

President Trump has 10 days from when the bill is passed by Congress to veto.

"My advice is to go work doing anything you can," said Alan Moore, a certified public accountant at Moore CPAs in Boca Raton.

Moore said the stimulus checks, whether $600 or $2,000, will have little effect on the overall economy.

"The last time they gave the $1,200 checks, 30% of it was put in the bank and saved because it benefited 60 million people, but only 10 million people were out of a job and really needed it," said Moore.

As negotiations now continue in Washington, many say the focus needs to be on the future.

"Anything helps right now," said Sabrina Lawton, a Port St. Lucie resident. "At this point, we're looking at $600 you know, $1,200 would be nice. But I think in the end we need a proactive solution and not a reactive one."