Jessica Clinton honored with free heart screening in Port St. Lucie

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Parents of a teen who died from a heart condition a decade ago, memorialized their daughter by holding a free heart screening Saturday.

Jill Caron brought her three children into the St. Lucie County Health Department for the 3 rd annual Jessica Clinton Know Your Heart Screening.

The free clinic is dedicated in the memory of Clinton,  who passed away from a heart condition 10 years ago while at cheerleading practice at Centennial High School.

Jill said, "I just think it's important because you just don't know if there's a problem that no one knows about."

Jill's daughter Emily, who runs cross country, had been complaining about heart and chest pains for the past month, she took her to the ER last week.

Nurses recommended she come to the event for a free echocardiogram.

"Jessica Clinton was an athlete too, you know my girls are athletes, my son is an athlete, you know they're healthy, they're good students, you know it can be anyone," said Jill.

Ramon and Cheryl Lalloo said they've seen hundreds of kids since they started the "Know Your Heart" screening 3 years ago.

Cheryl said her daughter would be proud to know they're saving lives after her death.

Cheryl said, "I think that she's very honored, I think that it would mean a lot to her and it means a lot to us, you know we have found children that have had heart surgery after the findings from last year."

Soleil Kudlica found out she had Wolf Parkinson White syndrome when she came to the screening last year.

She eventually needed heart surgery, but never would have known about the defect unless she came in.

"I've been to previous ones, but they never found anything abnormal or anything, so when we came here it was kind of like a shock," said Kudlica.

Go to to donate or find out more about the foundation.

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