Teen arrested, accused of pointing BB gun at cars, Port St. Lucie police say

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- A Port St. Lucie teen was arrested Monday after police say he pointed a BB gun at cars as they passed by him.

Port St. Lucie Police received a call about the teen around noon and discovered him in the 2000 block of SW Leisure Lane.

According to an arrest report, the teen saw police behind him but continued to walk away as he put his hands toward his waistband. 

Officers used their PA system to order the teen to stop. As he turned around, an officer noticed he had what appeared to be a black-semi automatic handgun in his hand, according to the report.

The teen was ordered to drop the gun, which he did.

Police later learned that the gun was actually a BB gun. The teen told police that he didn't aim it at anyone but did say he had the BB gun out and moved it around, which may have looked as if he pointed it at a car, the report states.

Police located witnesses who positively identified the teen. Witnesses also told police that the teen pointed the gun at a passing car, officers said.

The teen was arrested and charged with improper exhibition of firearm or dangerous weapon and transported to the Juvenile Detention Center.   

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