Chris Roginski: Street side memorial robbed of sentimental decor

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. --  Susan McAfee has spent the last week visiting a street side memorial on Port St. Lucie Blvd. and Shipping Dr.

That's where her son's closest friend, 20-year-old Chris Roginski, died in a Motorcycle crash last week.

"I considered him one of my own kids," said McAfee.

But on Tuesday, she noticed something was missing. Someone stole seven helmets that were chained to the street post on Monday night.

Friends say they drove by and did not see the helmets. When they took a closer look, they saw the chain that held them together was cut.

Loved ones say they're sad to lose the helmets, but more upset about the sentimental touch they can't get back.

"These were off of their own heads to honor Chris," McAfee said. "They all had notes written on the visors."

One of the helmets also used to belong to Roginski.

Friends simply want them back, no questions asked. They say they will not press charges.

"Just the thought that anybody would bother with anything after someone would do something for somebody after they pass away is ridiculous," said friend Brandon Bruner.

McAfee says if anyone knows where the helmets are, to please contact her at


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