Port St. Lucie sergeant saves driver having a seizure at the wheel

PORT S LUCIE, Fla. - Jessica McGill's Saturday drive was nothing out of the ordinary.

"There was nothing to tell me I was going to have any issues," McGill said.

McGill was driving on California street Saturday in Port Saint Lucie. She remembers little of the drive.

"I was just slowing down and the light had turned green, " she said.

She said she remembers going to step on the gas, then waking up to paramedics.

"From what I understand, my head goes down, and my hands drop and my foot would have slipped off the brakes," McGill explained.

She had a seizure at the wheel.

Sergeant John Holman, with the Port Saint Lucie Police Department, happened to be right behind her when this happened.

"She would have hit median head on, popped up on that, and gone straight into other vehicles," Holman explained.

Holman made a quick decision. "Once I saw her go down I had to make the decision. Do I have enough time to get out of my car before something happened? And then the car started moving forward," Holman said.

He decided to speed up in front of her car and let her hit it, instead of driving into busy traffic.

"Lots of things go 'through your mind, from having enough time, to what's going to happen if this doesn't work out?' said Holman.

When it did work out, Holman put her car in park and shut it off, then waited for medics to arrive.

"I could have died easily. That gentleman saved my life,"said McGill.

She's thankful to make it home to her 3-year-old son.

Holman says he was just doing his job and he's thankful he was at the right place at the right time.

"Now I put it in the past, I have new things to go on to. New things await us," said Holman.

Holman says he was covering for another sergeant and typically would not have been patrolling the zone he was Saturday.

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