Radravious Williams, Northport K-8 School seventh grader, says his former friends attacked him

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Radravious Williams says he was friends with some of the classmates who he says attacked him at Northport K-8 School in Port St. Lucie on March 20th.

Police say they arrested six juveniles after reviewing surveillance video.

"I looked at them and I was like... are you serious?" Williams said.

Williams' mother and attorney spoke with the media about the allegations.

"He say they brought him in the hallway, held him down, and he said they kicked him, stomped him, and beat him. As he was trying to get away, he said they continued torturing him," Latasha Darrisaw said.

Darrisaw admits her son talked back to his teacher, and when he did, she says the teacher directed some students to "teach him a lesson."

"Her remarks were 'I got my eigth grade boys on you and you're not that tough now," Darrisaw said.

The teacher has not been charged. The School District says she has been taken out the classroom and put into a job where she is not working with students whlie they investigate.

The Sheriff's Office says they cannot comment because the investigation is ongoing and the teacher's union is also not commenting.

"I think the teacher needs to be away from children if it is her mode of discipline to send other children to beat up a child. She does not need to be teaching children," attorney Dena Foman said.

Radravious hasn't been back to school since the attack and his mother says he'll start at a new school in the district on Monday.

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