Tyler Hadley: Port St. Lucie responds to Rolling Stone article focusing on Tyler Hadley

Hadley is accused of murdering his parents in 2011

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - The city of Port St. Lucie is responding to a new Rolling Stone magazine article that focuses on the Tyler Hadley double murder case. Hadley, now 19, is accused of killing his own parents with a hammer in July of 2011.

Investigators say that Hadley carried out the murders of his parents, Mary Jo and Blake, in what was their Port St. Lucie home. They say Hadley then threw a party with the bodies still in a back bedroom.

People around the world have likely been reading the Rolling Stone article, which focuses on Hadley's life in Port St. Lucie.

"It's a tough read," said Jenny Grow, spokesperson for the city of Port St. Lucie.

Many residents in the city say the article by Nathaniel Rich casts the entire community in a negative light.

"The article, the way it's written, doesn't paint a very pretty picture of Port St. Lucie," said Grow.

The Rolling Stone author refers to the city as "a tomb designed for the soon-to-be-entomed" and claims that Port St. Luce does not have enough resources or activities to keep teenagers like Hadley busy.

"It's definitely came up in the past that there's not a lot for kids - teenagers especially - to do in Port St. Lucie," said Grow. But crime rates are down and there are constructive things for young people to do, she said.

The article also claimed to reveal some new information about Hadley and his family life. For instance, the author wrote that Hadley had a prior arrest for Battery after an altercation at a friend's house. The article also included information about how Hadley's mother had checked her son into a mental health facility.

Hadley's mother had also had her son on some kind of human growth hormone during his early adolescence to help boost his confidence, according to the Rolling Stone article.

Hadley's attorney, St. Lucie County public defender Diamond Litty said that the article is full of inaccuracies and sensationalism.

Litty said that her client did not have a criminal history prior to his arrest for his parents' murders. Litty believes this article could potentially threaten Hadley's right to a fair and impartial jury.

Michael Mandell, now 19, was Hadley's best friend and says that Hadley admitted to the killings.

Mandell's lawyer, James Regan, reacted to the Rolling Stone piece. "I wonder whether all sources were checked on some of the allegations made in that article," he said.

Nathaniel Rich, the author of the Rolling Stone article, did not want to be a part of this story but did tell the WPTV newsroom that he stands by his story.

Tyler Hadley's trial is set to begin in March of 2014.



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