Port St. Lucie: Rash of car burglaries have residents worried

Police say residential community is being targeted

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Caroline Martyn normally locks her doors when her car is parked in the driveway of her home, in the Volkerts Terrace neighborhood.

But last month, she left it unlocked, just once.

"When I got into the car the next day, I noticed that there was all kinds of papers on the floor," Martyn recalled. "The glove box was closed."

She found another clue something was wrong.

"There wasn't any change in there," Martyn said. "I thought, well, what happened to all my change?"

Martyn said she's not surprised that Port St. Lucie police said she was one of twenty homes within a 1.5-mile radius that had a car burglary.

"This guy over here was broken into," she said, pointing to the house to the left of her home. "The lady across the street, her son's was broken into, I heard quite a few people around this area had been."

Sgt. Frank Sabol with Port St. Lucie police said the homes that were all targeted were close together. He said they suspect it's the same burglar, because the break-ins have been happening since mid-June, all in the early morning hours.

"There's been twenty burglaries in the past few weeks," said Sabol. "Crime of opportunity. They'll come up, check your doors, and if your doors are unlocked, they'll take your stuff."

One homeowner on Seahouse Avenue captured the suspected burglar on home surveillance video, riding a bicycle up to a truck, entering it and stealing loose change.

Police are urging residents to keep their car doors locked, when they are parked in residential driveways.

Martyn is now on high alert, making sure she performs her former habit every day.

"Yeah, I lock it all the time now," said Martyn. "I was glad that they didn't take my handicap placard."


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