Liberty Medical employees to continue work for two more weeks

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Hundreds of workers that were set for a mass layoff from Port St. Lucie's largest private employer were reportedly told Thursday afternoon that there will be a last-minute employment extension.

The CEO of Liberty Medical Supply, Frank Harvey, confirmed  several hundred employees in both the Port St. Lucie and Salem, Virginia locations are being kept on for two more weeks.

Some employees communicated anonymously to NewsChannel 5 that they were told if they chose to have tomorrow be their final day, as originally scheduled, that they would lose their severance packages.

Liberty Medical originally told workers that their final day would be Friday, February 16.

That's fewer than 60 days from January 2, when the company notified the federal government that more than 200 workers would be laid off.

The WARN ACT requires any company performing a mass layoff to give at least a 60 day notice.

This last-minute extension has the employees working through March 2.

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