Is Port St. Lucie City Manager Greg Oravec on way out?

Wrote letter saying he won't renew contract


There is confusion again at Port St. Lucie City Hall. Does the city manager, in the position for less than a year, already want out?


The question is whether Greg Oravec wants to stick around. There was talk Monday that he was resigning. That was not true. A city spokesman told NewsChannel 5 he can't go into any of the details, but NewsChannel 5 obtained more than 80 pages of documents that provide some background on this controversy.


When NewsChannel 5 spoke with then newly appointed city manager Greg Oravec last spring, he was ready to put together his team. Team Port St. Lucie.


"It's a group of people dedicated to making the world a better place, starting with Port St. Lucie, Oravec told NewsChannel 5 in April of 2012.


But does Oravec still want to manage the team?


Newschannel 5 obtained more than 80 pages of recent letters and memos sent from Oravec to the mayor and City Council.


One letter, predated March 9, his one year anniversary, says he will not be seeking a renewal of his Employment Agreement upon its conclusion in March 2014.


The letter though is unsigned.


There's also a memorandum dated Monday from Oravec to the city attorney that says in response to the city attorney's offer of two months severance if he were to quit, Oravec writes perhaps it's time to negotiate an amicable separation agreement.


Oravec sent a notice out to City Hall employees Monday that any reports of his resignation were incorrect. He did though write that "something has gone wrong" but he could not say much because he has yet to talk with his employer, the City Council.


Some of the other letters NewsChannel 5 received outline a contentious relationship specifically with one council member, Ron Bowen.


Bowen was the recipient of some recent anonymous letters sent by people claiming to be city employees upset with Oravec's micro-managing style among other things.


There was also the matter of a December email sent by Oravec's wife to her husband that simply said, "He's a jerk."  That email ended up in the public record. It's made clear who that referenced a few days later when Oravec's wife wrote a personal letter of apology to Bowen.


Any discussion of Oravec's future would have to be done in a public forum.


The mayor has her state of the city address Thursday morning.


The next scheduled council meeting is Next Monday night.



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