Hot business in cold weather

Consignment shops an option for jackets


The roads are full of people heading to their Thanksgiving destinations, and for drivers heading north, it's not just their appetites they're bringing. They're also bringing warm clothes. That's good news for local consignment shops.


After seeing the weather report Wednesday, Marta Argueuta, of Port St. Lucie, stopped by Boomerang Consignments.


She's looking for some cold weather wear for her three boys and grabbed some sweat jackets.


Jill Giles-Saenz says as the temperature drops, business picks up.


"We're very busy with people looking for winter jackets and anything for layering because they're all going up north to see their relatives," said Giles-Saenz.


Giles-Saenz says stores like hers serve a need in the current economic climate.


"It's so expensive in the regular stores or at the mall and we have it at a third or a quarter of retail," she said.


In fact, sometimes it's a rent-a-jacket situation. A customer will come in, grab a jacket for their kid when they're heading north and once they're back in Florida, they re-consign it.


While jackets aren't year-round items in Florida, neither are clothes specific to the holiday season.  


Giles-Saenz says a Christmas onesie or bright red dress may be something kids only wear for a picture or other fancy occasion.


Boomerang Consignment mostly stocks cold weather gear for kids, so when one kid grows out of it, there's another kid ready to slip it on.


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