Could another baseball team decide to spring train in Tradition Field with the New York Mets in PSL?

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - While some Port St. Lucie fans came to meet their favorite New York Mets players at the "Take Me Out to the Gardens and Meet the Mets" event, others may wonder, why aren't more teams coming to the Treasure Coast to spring train?

Mets relief pitcher Robert Carson said sprucing up the city would help attract a fresh team.

"You're gonna have to put some buildings up," said Carson. "Some eye-catching buildings, if you're going to bring another team, you're going to have to have more stuff to do here."

Infielder Justin Turner said Port St. Lucie has a natural plus in its favor: "The weather!" Turner exclaimed. "The weather here's awesome, you know?"

But the weather wasn't enough to keep the Orioles and the Dodgers on Florida's East Coast.

Players say expanding Tradition Field and surrounding businesses would make it more enticing.

"They're going to have to put some more back-fields in, for them to be able to work out and have minor league camp there," said Turner.

"Restaurants," said Carson. "You might try to have to build a bigger mall."

Carson said other teams might practice on the west coast or central Florida, but Port St. Lucie would have a lot to offer another team.

"It's not no Disney World or nothing here, but it's a good time, though, if you can make it. You make the best of it," Carson laughed.




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