Chick Eric Hendrickson, Port St. Lucie code enforcement employee, charged with bribery

PORT ST. LUCIE — A Port St. Lucie city employee assigned to code enforcement duties was arrested Thursday on a felony charge after a complaint he received $215 from a man in exchange for "taking care of" some citations, according to an affidavit released Friday.

Chick Eric Hendrickson, 53, of the 100 block of Southwest Gettysburg Drive in Port St. Lucie, was arrested on a bribery charge after a Port St. Lucie police investigation.

The city's building department on Feb. 4 got a bribery complaint about Hendrickson.

The man who made the complaint reported that on Dec. 14 he paid Hendrickson $215 at a meeting at a Denny's in Port St. Lucie in exchange for Hendrickson "taking care of" citations the man got in connection with contracting without a license.

Because the citations weren't disposed of and because Hendrickson was avoiding his phone calls, the man reported the matter to the building department and then to police.

Police monitored another meeting at a Chili's restaurant in Port St. Lucie. Hendrickson and the man talked about Hendrickson's "failed promise to remove the city violations and pending fines"

Police spoke to Hendrickson after getting his supervisor to call him in. Hendrickson said he's addicted to prescription drugs and was out of pain pills. He said he met with the man in hopes of getting pills.

Hendrickson said he offered "his official influence and knowledge of Building Department procedures and personnel to remove the complainant's city building violations and pending fines, all in exchange for the promise of prescription pain medication offered by the complainant," an affidavit states.

It wasn't immediately clear whether the man complaining about Hendrickson is facing any charges.

No other information was immediately available.


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