Bicyclist killed in Port St. Lucie, struck by a vehicle at St. Lucie West Blvd and Country Club Dr

ST. LUCIE WEST, Fla. - A Toyota Camry struck and killed a bicyclist Monday in St. Lucie West.

Port St. Lucie police say the collision happened at St. Lucie West Boulevard and SW Country Club Drive.

Police identified the victim as 86-year-old, Adolf Lemp of Port St. Lucie.

They say he was riding north on country Club Drive when the Toyota, driven by 47-year-old Linda Haggerty, struck him.

Haggerty was driving westbound on SW St. Lucie Boulevard and had a green light when Lemp crossed through the intersection, witnesses told police.

The impact ejected Lemp from his bike and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Although the investigation is still open, police say they do not expect to file charges against Haggerty.

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