Holiday automobile travel off to a good start, no problems on Florida Turnpike

No one leaving early because of weather

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. - Holiday car travel is off to a smooth start Tuesday, two days in advance of Thanksgiving.

Drivers at the Port St. Lucie-Fort Pierce travel plaza on the Florida Turnpike say they were expected to see more cars on the road during the midday hours.

So far no one has said they were driving Tuesday to try and beat the weather. One driver heading south said she was traveling a day early because she was doing the Thanksgiving day cooking.

Bob Lossius, from Charlotte, was in the middle of a 15-hundred mile journey from North Carolina down to Miami and back up to Gainesville for the Florida-Florida State game, before returning home.

He says the long travel doesn't bother him.

"We spent 52-hundred miles in May on a motorcycle to Las Vegas, Nevada.  I enjoy traveling and seeing the country," said Lossius.

So far, more people seem to be heading north than coming south.

If you are traveling on the Florida Turnpike, be advised to drive safely. A number of state troopers are keeping watch at some of the underpasses.

Click here for the latest Florida Turnpike traffic information from the FHP:

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