Greta Moran, Jessie Plowden: Family of double homicide victims beg for answers

Fort Pierce shooting killed two residents


Rina Brown changed Greta Moran's diapers when she was a baby.


"She was a very kind person," said Brown.


Brown never thought her cousin, Moran, would be shot to death, right in front of Moran's own apartment, as Fort Pierce police said Moran was, early Friday morning.


 "She's that person that you would never think someone would try to hurt."


Police said Jessie Plowden was also killed in the gunfire.


Since 2001, Plowden had five felony arrests, including possession of marijuana and trespassing, and four misdemeanor arrests. He'd had a first degree murder charge filed against him in 2001, but he wasn't prosecuted, and charges on other arrests were dropped.


Plowden's aunt, Angelia Stockton, said he had been trying to live a quiet life since then.


"I know he was in some trouble some years back, I admit that," said Stockton. "But ever since then, he's been trying to better himself."


Stockton said Plowden had been avoiding trouble, and gangs.


"I spoke to him, maybe two weeks ago," said Stockton. "He told me that he really don't want to be here in Fort Pierce because of all the senseless shootings."


Fort Pierce police are asking if anyone knows anything about the crime, to contact them. Anonymous calls can be made to 1-800-273-TIPS to speak with Treasure Coast Crimestoppers.


Now, Plowden's family members are picking up the pieces, as they plan his funeral.


"Trying to keep our sanity, and trying to lean on one another," said Stockton. "And just get an understanding why."


Unanswered questions, that have left Moran's family grieving, as well.


"Why? Why?" questioned Brown, through her tears. "She don't deserve this, what happened to her."


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