Wounded Warrior Project denies money donation from a Fort Pierce Christian School

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Six -year-old Madison Demers is disappointed the money she was going to collect to donate to Wounded Warrior Project will not help injured troops.

"I was thinking of adding all of my money," Madision said.
Madison's school, Liberty Baptist Academy on Midway Road challenged students to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project.

Madison had saved up a few coins. But yesterday the organization emailed the Christian school stating WWP does not accept donations from companies that are religious in nature because they are is a nonpartisan organization.

Madison's mother says the little girl was heart broken. Her mother, Barbie DiMatteo said, "I thought of her and all of the other kids what they were thinking and I was so confused , that I didn't know how I was going to explain it to my daughters."
It's an explanation that school administrators sent home in a letter to all of the parents. We contacted the organization several times for comment-- they did not respond to our calls or emails.

Meanwhile, the school and parents are hoping Wounded Warrior Project has a change of heart.

Katherine Johnson, the school's principal commented on the incident and said, " those men who are trying to fight for our freedom, now it feels like our freedoms are being taken away and we want them to realize the seriousness of what they are doing."

Barbie, the mother of Madision said,  they sit there in school and say the pledge of allegiance and they sing God bless America and we teach them about freedom but, then what kind of freedom is it if we can't turn around and give to those who take their life and get injured."

The school had already started to collect money, which has been returned to parents. 

The school projected that the month long fund raiser in February would have collected about 50 thousand dollars for Wounded Warrior Project.

Late Friday afternoon, the church's pastor told NewsChannel Five that a representative from WWP called him.

The representative apologized and said he would be meeting with other administrators from the organization to talk about this incident.

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