Patches recieves donated toys from Port St. Lucie

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Kian Cromer didn't expect to see Santa Claus this morning.

"He has a white beard and a red hat and a red costume," said Cromer.

And he wasn't expecting a gift either.

" I love it, its awesome," said Cromer.

Cromer is one of 47 youngsters on the Treasure Coast who received a present from Santa Monday morning.

The gifts are for Patches , a pediatric nursing center in Fort Piece that provides daytime medical care for children requiring extensive treatment, such as feeding tubes and oxygen tanks.

"I got a mermaid," said Elna Moveoyant.

More than 200 toys were handed out today. Last winter, toys that had been donated to Patches were stolen, so city employees came together and gathered new toys to replace them.

"Being that these children may have some extreme medical conditions we're just afraid that some of them might not make it to Christmas, so we're giving them Christmas now," said Diana Gonzalez.

Diana Gonzalez is the community liaison for Patches. She says the toys and Santa made the day special.

"They're happy today; That's every kids dream to see Santa Claus and he's here and he came especially for them so they were very happy," said Gonzalez.

In addition to the toys, about fifteen hundred dollars in cash and gift cards were also donated to the children. 

And even though Santa made a brief visit, little Kian's grandmother assured him, he would be back during the holidays.

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