Officers say they shot lunging dog to death in Fort Pierce

FORT PIERCE — Police officers fatally shot a 90-pound pit bull dog that lunged at them while they were answering a 911 call Saturday at a home, according to police reports.

Several shots were fired by the officers, including one that hit the residence. No people were injured during the incident at 4 p.m. in the 100 block of North 12th Street.

According to Officer Robert Jaques' report, officers were at the home about an injury when the dog broke a restraining chain and ran at him with teeth bared. When the dog was 10 feet away, Jaques fired three .45-caliber bullets at the animal, which veered away and ran at two other officers who then fired.

The dog died of one gunshot wound and reports state that it was unclear which officer's bullet hit the dog. Under police department policy, the shooting is undergoing a review that could take two weeks to complete.

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