NFL player Jamar Chaney hosts free camp for local kids

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Jamar Chaney, an NFL player, came back to his hometown to give back to the area he grew up by hosting a free football camp at Lawson Stadium in Fort Pierce.

Teenagers as well as young kids were out running around and learning how to play like a pro.

"It's fun," Billy Darby said. "It's excellent. You just have to work real hard."

Chaney brought other NFL friends of his to the camp for the kids.

"I was in their situation too just a couple of years ago," Chaney said about the kids in the camp. "I use to look up to NFL players."

Now he is the NFL player.

The Fort Pierce native says he grew up coming to camps like the one he is hosting for these youngsters.

"When I was their age I saw my dream and my goal and I wanted to go after it,"

He hopes this camp has the same effect.

"It's basically saying anybody can do it you just have to try hard and work hard," Darby said.

Chaney says he doesn't want this inspiration not only to translate to their efforts on the football field, but also to the lives of these young kids.

"If you have a dream and you want to be successful, no matter if you a doctor or a lawyer, if you have a dream you have to work hard at it," Chaney said. "You cant just be lazy and think it's going to happen."

Kids and parents also received autographs from the players as well.

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