Michael Deegan: Fort Pierce man brought gun to Sanford International Airport, authorities say

He was not arrested

 A Treasure Coast man was not arrested for bringing a loaded gun to a Central Florida airport.

Authorities at the Sanford International Airport say Fort Pierce resident Michael Deegan had a loaded .38 caliber gun in his bag as he tried to get through security last week.

TSA officials found the gun.

Instead of arresting Deegan, officers held the gun for Deegan, and gave it back to him when he returned from his trip.

Airport representatives say though it is illegal to bring a gun into an airport, Deegan did not know he had the weapon in his bag.

Airport President and CEO, Larry Dale, explained, "Looking at where it was in the bag, he didn't try to camouflage it or put it in any kind of Play-Doh or have some secret compartment or anything that would indicate he intentionally and willfully tried to get that into the sterile area of the airport."

Authorities with TSA and the FBI did check to make sure he had a permit and that the gun was not stolen.

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