Lincoln Park Academy baseball team growing stronger after accident injures three players

FORT PIERCE, Fla.-- Teammates of three Lincoln Park Academy students and baseball players seriously injured in a car accident on their way to school Wednesday say each day gets harder as the boys remain in the hospital.

"We came here as quick as we could yesterday," said team captain, and LPA senior Matt Fredryk.

Teammates have been coming and going from Lawnwood Regional Medical Center as much as they can since the accident happened, supporting the Junior Varsity players.

Fredryk says Timothy Green plays second base, Peter Green pitches, and Christian Medina is a catcher. Fredryk says Medina would likely be moved up to Varsity this year.

"I've been playing sports with Christian since we were like six," teammate Ryan Bolstersdorf said,

Students at Lincoln Park Academy continue to support the worried team today. Students wore Orange and black, the school colors, to signify the unity of the school pulling for the three teens.

A prayer circle brought out hundreds of students and staff in the morning. Art classes made cards to send to the boys and their families.

Teammates of the boys delivered the cards to the hospital Thursday.

Students say they notice a difference in the team.

"Usually they're really rowdy and loud and really crazy acting, but like the past two days, really quiet, lots of tears, anger, really mad," senior Chloe Underhill described.

Baseball alumni also made the trip back in town to support the team.

"We came back as soon as we heard," Tyler Bolstersdorf said.

The team continues to hope for good news. Students are most worried now about Medina, who is still in critical condition. "Christian's just always been a good kid," said Ryan Bolstersdorf.

If any good comes out of the tragedy, Fredryk says the school is becoming more united, and the team is closer than ever. "We're boys. That's our slogan, we're boys," Fredryk said.

Students say they will be wearing white on Friday in honor of the boys.

The Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating the cause of the single car crash.

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