Happy Hounds, non-profit program in Fort Pierce, helps rescued and abandoned dogs

The Fort Pierce Animal Care and Control says it's dealing with budget cuts and cannot do as much as it would like. That's where a volunteer group comes in,  educating pet owners, helping out owners and animals in need.
Susan Parry never thought she'd end up rescuing hundreds of dogs.
"It's like the light just turned on, and I believed I was called to do this work," said Parry.
Work. That keeps her on the streets 7 days a week.
Parry and her partner Janice Douglas formed the non-profit Happy Hounds 4 years ago.
The group goes into low-income neighborhoods and educate pet owner's about animal care. They also provide free spaying, and neutering, shelter, and vaccinations.
"We're like the ice-cream truck that comes in the neighborhood for kids, except our kids are dogs," said Parry.
Last month the group came across a dog that was tangled up with a leash. They untangled the dog, and returned to check up a few weeks later. To the owners surprise, the dog ended up having a litter of 9.
"She wanted us to help them move them because she saw people hovering in her neighborhood and thought they would be stolen," said Parry.
Clifford Burns spends every afternoon with his dogs. He credits the group for finding his two new best friends.
"If it wasn't for them, my life wouldn't be so much fun," said Burns.
And the work isn't done for the group. They hope to educate every dog owner in the city of Fort Pierce.
"The love of these animals, seeing their health improve, the relationships we built with the pet owners, what keeps us going, them," said Parry.
The non-profit started four years ago, and according to city officials, city impoundment costs have gone down by half from 251 thousand to 125 annually. Officials say the group played a integral part in the drop.
If you would like to adopt one of the puppies, you can contact Susan Parry at 772-979-4008 or Janice Douglas at 772-216-1309, or you can email them.
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