Ft Pierce police find illegal weapons while investigating recent shootings

FT PIERCE, Fla - An investigation by the Fort Pierce Police Department concerning recent shooting suspects near a home on Avenue F led to the discovery of illegal weapons inside a residence. .

When officers from the Ft Pierce police arrived at the area several males ran into the home at 3106 Avenue F and attempted to flee through the back door of the apartment. 

Officers discovered that the resident of the apartment was not home and that one of the males that ran from the officers was possibly hiding in the apartment.

Police say that after making contact with the owner, the officers went through the home for officer safety and found these weapons:

.357 magnum revolver

.25 caliber handgun

.32 caliber long gun

.22 caliber firearm

Unknown caliber handgun

At this time the Fort Pierce Police Department is investigating if the guns were illegally possessed by those individuals that initially ran into the home upon the officers' arrival on scene.  

Anyone with information about shooting activity or other criminal activity is urged to call Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-800-273-TIPS (8477) or the Fort Pierce Police Department at 772-467-6800.

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