Fort Pierce family told to vacate their home in less than a week following health concerns

FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- A Fort Pierce family learned this week that it is too dangerous to live at home.

Instead of cooking Thanksgiving dinner and enjoying family at home, Todd Muilenburg was busy packing up everything in his home, while his wife and kids traveled to visit other family and stay with them.

This is after they got a note from their property management, Dixie's Holiday Court, saying there is a serious problem with the drain field and or septic system that will take weeks to repair.

The note says they have to be out, and leave the keys by Sunday as the apartments will be shut down.

Muilenberg has been given little information on when, or if he can come back. He says management told his wife it could take at least three weeks to repair.

Two nearby apartment residents who share the septic system are also being told to leave.

The Muilenberg family has only lived in the home for 6 months, and had minor problems with the septic system.

 "Occasionally we have to plunge the toilet, but that happens," Muilenburg said.

He doesn't know how something became so serious, that he has to leave his home for it to be repaired. He says he was told his health is at risk.

"They post the notice at 3:30 in the afternoon Wednesday. The day before Thanksgiving," said Muilenburg. "What are we supposed to do."

The septic tank has been dug up, a hole left in the yard with only a tarp covering it.

Management offered no financial help, and said there are no vacancies they can be transferred to.

"Well, there goes the Christmas money because now we have to try to move," said Muilenberg.

He's worried not only his Thanksgiving, but even his family Christmas will be affected.

Property management was unavailable to take our calls, or calls of tenants on Thursday. Calls were forwarded to an answering service. Employees there, said management will not be available to take any calls until Monday, a day after tenants are being told to leave.

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