Fort Pierce wildfire: Fight may be far from over in Fort Pierce

200 acre brush fire is 90% contained

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - The flames once again flickered in the night on the Treasure Coast. Red embers blew around on the blackened ground off of Indrio Road in Fort Pierce.

Since Sunday, fire crews have been battling what was a 200 acre brush fire which, as of Monday night, was 90 percent contained.

"We're never really in the clear until it's 100 percent out," said Joe deBree of the Florida Forest Service. This fire, authorities say, has the potential to re-ignite in some spots.

The current conditions in that part of St. Lucie County - and elsewhere - mean that this fire fight may be far from over. "There are some areas and marshy conditions that we can't get heavy machinery in that are still actively burning," said deBree.

Fort Pierce resident Dennis Jusino took matters into his own hands on Monday evening when he spotted a flare-up right behind his home.

"I actually put out a fire over there with a rock," he said. "I threw a rock on the fire and put it out."

The flames are not to be underestimated, said Jusino, who always wanted to become a firefighter. His fiancé, however, convinced him that the job would be too dangerous.

More than 1,000 people were evacuated on Sunday night in the northern portions of Fort Pierce. Several homes in the Heather Way apartment complex sustained damage from the fire. Investigators believe the fire was sparked at or near the St. Lucie County airport.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.





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