Colony Court Apartments surrounded by deep water; neighbors use boats, SUVs to rescue them

FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- Fifty neighbors at Colony Court Apartments on South 7th Street in Fort Pierce were stranded in their homes after flood waters surrounded the buildings.

"To come home and not have a home right now is just devastating," resident Dawn Moore said.

There was no way in or out of the apartments without a boat or heavy duty SUV.

"It is devastating. I've never been through anything as bad as this," Moore said.

Neighbors say the water rose nearly two feet into their homes.

"It was up on my bed. That is how high it got," Moore said.

Neighbors like Mark Walling took the day off work to use his SUV to evacuate the stranded neighbors.

"This is a disaster. A disaster. I feel sorry for these folks because you can see the water line so high on the building. This is where they are living right now," Walling said.

St. Lucie County Commissioner Chris Dzadovsky showed up after hearing about the trapped neighbors.

"This is a situation that I have deep concern over. Safety is an issue because we have a flooded residence with power to the residence," Dzadovsky said.

Within a few hours of the commissioner's arrival, more boats, SUVs, and even busses showed up to evacuate the residents and take them to a shelter.

The Red Cross is assisting them.

Many of their cars remain in the flooded parking lot unable to move.

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