Colony Court Apartments could reopen within one week

Severely damaged by flooding

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Residents of the Colony Court Apartments in Fort Pierce may soon be able to move back into their homes after flooding displaced residents for weeks.

14 units were damaged from flooding earlier in January.

Repairmen worked throughout the day Thursday to get the units back into shape, saying residents could be able to move back as soon as Sunday.

Many residents say they couldn't wait to move back in and found alternate housing.

At least one family is waiting to come back.

Meanwhile, the county is looking into how it can help prevent a flood like this from happening again.

The county was not approved for FEMA funding to cover the costs of the repairs. Tom Daly, with St. Lucie County Emergency Management, says the damage only amounted to nearly $250,000. To be considered for funding, he says the damage needs to be closer to $900,000.
County spokesperson, Erick Gill, says the county has been working to clear debris out of the swale near the front of the apartment complex. He says backup in the swale could have been a contributing factor to the flooding.

He also says drainage pipes underneath nearby driveways collapsed which could have also caused backup.

But with an estimated ten inches of rain, Gill says that could have simply been too much for the swale to handle.

‪‪"Our storm system is designed to handle about 4 inches of rain an hour, anything more than that, it's like a funnel. If you pour too quickly, it's not going to drain properly," said Gill.‬‬

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