Christian Medina honored by Tree of Life

Encourages people to be an organ donor

FORT PIERCE, Fla. --  St. Lucie County unveiled a mural in the Tax Collector's office Wednesday, in honor of Christian Medina.

Medina was the 16-year-old Lincoln Park Academy student who was killed in a single car crash in October.

Before the accident, he chose to be an organ donor. Because of that, he's become a role model for others to do the same.

Officials with the Tax Collector's office revealed a painting of the Tree of Life, alongside pictures of Medina.

His mother, Madeline Medina, was the first person to sign their name on a leaf to stick on to the tree.

Overtime, officials hope to fill the tree with countless leaves with names of organ donors.

Christian was able to save three lives because he chose to donate his organs. Madeline says Wednesday's event will be one of her proudest moments for her son.

"I'm proud of him for everything. I can't believe how much he's done," Madeline Medina said.

In a walk around her home, you can see pictures showcasing him as an athlete and a scholar with big ambitions.

"He played baseball, his school work, he had done coaching, he played chess," Medina listed.

But of all of his accomplishments, there's one that Madeline says is near the top of the list of his best accomplishments: Giving two kidneys and a heart to save other people's lives.

"He saved three people's lives. I know one of them, the girl, she's doing absolutely wonderful," Medina said.

It was a decision Christian made on his own.

She says now, more of his friends are coming forward to tell her they've become donors, too, because of Christian.

It's a trend that's developing throughout the Fort Pierce community.

Since the DMV and tax collector's office put up a picture of Christian Medina about a month ago, with his story, county officials say they've seen an increase by about 5% in people wanting to be organ donors.

Medina says she was not an organ donor before Wednesday, but also signed up in honor of her son.

The Florida Highway Patrol is still working on completing the investigation to determine the cause of the crash.

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