Boy Scout troop 772 in Ft. Pierce helps put students on the right track

How long does it take to make a difference in someone's life? For a group of boys on the Treasure Coast it took less than two months.

On Monday night, 18 boys stood as a group in front of the Ft. Pierce mayor and city commission and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  They're members of Boy Scout Troop 772. City officials gave the troop two flags.

"Five weeks ago nobody really cared what they did and for them to be here tonight unbelievable turn around," says troop organizer Scott Van Duzer.

The troop started in December. It targeted at-risk kids at the Dan McCarty school who were struggling with grades or bad behavior.

"Now these guys are starting to gel together and be a part of something positive," says Van Duzer.

The boys have already seen results in that short time.

"I used to be a troubled student and now we're all on our best behavior cause when we're on our best behavior and get good grades and stuff we get to do more things," says member Willie Collins.

"I had three B's now I have one B and I got all A's," says Arcolian Johnson.

The Boy Scout Troop meets Wednesdays at the Dan McCarty School. They went to a Miami Dolphins game in December and this week they're going to a pro basketball game. Van Duzer says they're also planning a camping trip.

The troop hopes to expand to other schools in the area. This week organizers are meeting with the program director for the Girl Scouts. 


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