Dori Ann Myers missing person cold case: Family searching for loved one for 7 years


Donajean Kapp has been on a mission since January of 2006. That year, on the night of the 11th, her sister Dori Ann Myers was last seen with two men at the St. Lucie Inn bar in Fort Pierce.


"Why is it that nobody has come forward saying 'I remember seeing them that night?' " she asked from the patio of her parents home Tuesday in Melbourne.


Dori Ann Myers' Lakewood Park home would soon become a crime scene.  Neighbors said they heard arguing, and a few hours later saw Myers car driving away moments before the house was ablaze.

It was arson.  Myers two pets were found dead inside.


 "There's no way she would have ever left her animals, there's no way she would have burned her house down," said Kapp.


Investigators say Myers was abducted.  Her car was found 80 miles away at a Lake Okeechobee boat ramp in Glades County. It had been torched.


"It's going to haunt me for the rest of my life until we find out exactly what happened to her," said Myers' father Dale Curry.


Curry made the national talk show circuit for a while trying to keep the story in the news.  That role has passed to Kapp, who says living in limbo, is a terrible place to be.


 "Seven years is a long time for somebody to know something and not have the conscience to come forward and say we know something," said Kapp.


Although Myers, who grew up as Dori Ann Curry,  has been legally declared dead, the family will not give up that glimmer of hope.


 A spokesman with the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday they don't have any new information in this case.  They have some leads and information, just not enough. 

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