Chimp recovers from torn ACL

Stem cell treatment healed injury


With an ear splitting whoop, Angie is back to her usual effervescent self, bouncing around without a care in the world.


Doctors say it's remarkable for the fact that last year, she had a torn ACL.


"No matter what we did, used anti-inflammatory drugs, she continued to limp," said Dr. Jocelyn Bezner with Save The Chimps in St. Lucie County.


Last May, Angie underwent a new stem cell procedure.


"To do something simple like this that is a one time deal and produces these results is pretty good," said Dr. Bezner.


In fact, Angie's rehab has been so successful another chimp underwent the same procedure Wednesday.


Looking at Dalton's x-rays, you can see the degeneration. Dalton is 40, past middle age for a chimp.

He has arthritis and doesn't like to take any medication.


So first, a sample of Dalton's fat tissue was taken to the Florida Veterinary League in Vero Beach where his stem cells were extracted.


"No one wants to take medications of a chronic nature. It's best to use the healing power of the body to become pain free," said Dr. Darrell Nazareth with the Veterinary League.


Dr. Nazareth then injects 2-billion stem cells back into Dalton's knee.


Stemlogix, the South Florida company behind this technology, says these stem cell treatments also work on cats, dogs, and even racehorses.


If Angie's success is any indication, Dalton will soon be back to roaming the islands of the Save The Chimps facility pain-free.


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