School resource officers prepare for the worst: Active shooter training in St. Lucie County

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. - As legislation in Tallahassee moves forward that aims to arm our teachers, some of the men and women already trained to keep your kids safe on campus, were hard at work Wednesday.

The scenario: An officer portraying a gunman runs down a darkened hallway. Two Port St. Lucie police officers move in to try and diffuse the situation.

"They need to get to learn each others movements, their habits, their training, what they do. Once they get past that, they have the basics. They know what to do, they just need to learn to communicate with one another," said Officer Gerry Harrington, who is running the training session.

School Resource Officer Nate Penney doesn't have a partner at Treasure Coast High School. So his military training comes in handy.

"I'm an MP in the Army reserves. We tend to have training in building clearing and situations where we have to seek out the person who's causing trouble," said officer Penney.

When we asked some of the school resource officers what they thought of House Bill 1097, the proposed legislation to arm teachers, they deferred to the decision makers.

"We will support them 100-percent. Work hand in hand to secure a safe environment for both students and faculty," said officer Victor Garcia.

The bill would allow principals to pick as many teachers as they want to be armed in the classroom. But officers said they can't worry now about what's happening in Tallahassee, they need to stay focused on their training with the hope they never have to use it.

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