Suspected grow houses busted in St. Lucie County: Local and federal agents work together


Port St. Lucie Detective Sergeant Charlie Lumpkin led undercover ATF agents out of a home on Crean Terrace Wednesday afternoon holding a seized 50-caliber weapon, one of more than a dozen taken out of the home.


"I've served in the military for a brief period of time. That's more an anti-tank weapon, aircraft, vehicles," said Sgt. Lumpkin.


Chris Finney lives down the block and works at a gun store.  He knows how powerful that weapon is.


"Huge, big bullet.  Definitely a shocker," said Finney. 


Franklin Freeman also served in the military, and was stunned to hear what came out of his neighbor's home.


"Who would suspect this?" asked Freeman.


A deputy does in fact live in the neighborhood.


Arrested was 25-year-old David Bloomfield.  Police also connected him to a suspected grow house just a mile away.


Investigators went into that home on Cameo Boulevard this morning. Bloomfield's mother, 56-year-old Darlene Carrier, was charged with running the elaborate grow house in the master bedroom and bathroom.  54 plants were seized.


But that's small potatoes compared to what was found at a quiet house at the end of a cul-de-sac in the Treasure Coast Air Park.


St. Lucie County Sheriff's investigators and the DEA found 184 plants and 20 pounds of pot packaged and ready to go.


The street value is an estimated 1 million dollars.


52 year-old Murray Chinners was charged with trafficking and released on bond.



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