Weather could boost tent business by as much as 30 percent

Tents on standby for outdoor events this weekend

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Dark skies are no stranger to South Florida in spring and summer. In fact, that's why event planner Joel Clendenin discourages clients from planning outdoor events in hurricane season.

But they don't always listen.

"There are people who want it outside, it's a beautiful environment and they want to take the risk. But it can get expensive because you have to have a backup plan," said Clendenin.

The backup plan usually involves a tent company. Marc Grimes owns Grimes Events and Party Tents. He knows all about last minute calls for shelter. 

"Unfortunately the budgets are spent, brides have made their decisions and now there's this curve ball where they have to spend more money," said Grimes.

Emergency orders for this coming weekend is boosting his business by 30%. But Grimes says, it' comes with added stress.

"Being that it's last minute, doesn't give us much time we have to drop what we're doing and make it happen," said Grimes.

Clendenin says a recent 300 person wedding was almost ruined because of rain.

"We had an army of people stripped everything down, threw it in the dryer and flipped it in an hour just to accommodate them. That's an example of what not to do," said Clendenin.

Clendenin already has tents on standby for this weekend, and chances are he'll need them.

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