Two Delray restaurants will be allowed to serve alcohol outside during St. Patrick's Day parade

Outdoor area must be fenced in with hired security

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - The owners of Bru's Room and HJ O'Connor's Pub will be allowed to sell alcohol just outside their doors during the Saint Patrick's Day parade on March 15th. That decision came down Tuesday night at City Hall.

Originally City Manager Louis Chapman denied the owners' request to sell alcohol outdoors during the holiday celebrations. 

On appeal, the owners argued tightening up bar space would cut into their profits. Commissioners agreed.

"On a day when so many of these businesses make a tremendous amount of their annual income, that would be closing down their ability to do that and I don't feel comfortable with that," said Shelly Petrolia.

The Delray Beach Police Chief argued allowing outdoor sales would threaten public safety. 

The city spends about $18,000 every year on overtime to patrol the event. Those who support the pubs say that money is well spent. 

"They have security here and keep the peace pretty well, I've never seen any issues, so I don't see what the problem is," said Evan Legrys.

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