Those loyal to Arts Garage push to keep it where it is

Two $2.5 million offers on the table


The City of Delray Beach worked out an agreement for the Delray Arts Garage to stay in Pineapple Grove.

The Delray Arts Garage will be paying off the $2.5 million sale over the course of two and a half years.

The City is also going to work with the law firm that wanted to move into the space and find them another place to conduct business.



Alicia Voice wouldn't know how to play the drums if not for the Delray Arts Garage. The eight-year-old is one of a few dozen kids who take art, music and drama classes on scholarship at the garage. 

"I'm a single mother and I'm working and doing the best I can in this economy. So for my girls to have a scholarship and have this place to do what they want to do, it's a great feeling," says Kelly Voice, Alicia's mom.

The Arts Garage may not be at it's current location in Pineapple Grove much longer. It wants to purchase the 10,000 square-foot building it is currently using, and call it home permanently. But a local law firm wants to move in as well. City Commissioner Adam Frankel wants both to be in downtown Delray.

"I don't subscribe to pick one or the other, I don't know why you can't have both," says Frankel.

Performing Arts School instructor Drew Tucker says he wants the garage to stay where it is.

"Moving and not having the foot traffic and this kind of access to the community would be tragic for us," says Tucker.

He also fears a move would disrupt the flow of a flourishing organization.

Meanwhile, a major funding source for the Arts Garage is under the microscope. The State Auditor General's Office is investigating Delray's Community Redevelopment Agency to see if it is unlawfully funding non-profit organizations.

The C. R. A. is responsible for about one-third of the venue's total budget.

It could be months before the audit is complete.

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