SWAT, HazMat crews surround Delray Beach home in Delray Country Club Acres subdivision

Used as grow house, investigators say

 DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- SWAT, narcotics officers and HazMat crews responded to a home in Delray Beach Thursday morning that they say was being used as a marijuana grow house.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office served a search warrant at the home located in the 15000 block of Monroe Road in the Delray Country Club Acres subdivision

Authorities at the scene said no one was home but they found a lot of marijuana plants.

Agents say they found 93 cannabis plants with a total weight of 64.2 pounds and 303 grams of harvested and processed cannabis growing in three separate "grow rooms."

In addition, the sheriff's office said agents found several vacuum sealed baggies of processed cannabis which they say was intended for sale

Some personnel, concerned about what chemicals they might find, wore HazMat suits inside the home as a precaution.

Investigators did not find any weapons.

A YouReporter sent in photos of the heavy police activity surrounding the home.

No one has been arrested but detectives say they have suspects in the case and they are aware of the investigation now underway. Arrest warrants are pending.

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